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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Writing Services is a trusted and reliable online paper writing service that has been delivering high quality academic papers to a large number of students since it's inception. We realize that there are scams on the internet that are offering fake writing services just to make money but rest assured that we value business integrity and are a dedicated team of academic writing professionals who are committed to providing our customers with high quality and trustworthy academic writing services. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our customer support staff available from our website.
Our skilled and experienced writers go an extra mile to ensure that your academic papers are developed keeping in consideration the highest standards of quality, zero plagiarism and excellence related to Academic Writing. We value customer focus that allows the delivery of top quality assignments that meet the complete requirements of the student's academic institution. Once the papers are written, they are checked for plagiarism using state of the art software application that ensures original content. Originality and creativity is key to creating good content and our writers realize that which is why our customers deliver brilliant papers to their academic institutes that reflect top quality.
Our competent writers have a strong educational background and sound technical knowledge that they use to create content for a wide range of academic subjects and topics. If your academic paper has specialized requirements, our consultants and writers will ensure that the diverse technical specifications of your assignment are met through the application of creative writing, analytical reasoning and research so that you deliver the best papers and get top grades.
We have a 24 hours revision policy which allows students to get free revisions for their papers that are communicated within the 24 hours after the paper has been delivered. Any revisions after the 24hrs duration can be incorporated and editing services provided which would be charged depending on the type and scope of revisions and edits required. Our writers and editors are available to assist you with any revisions and editing needed for your assignments to enhance the overall quality of the paper.
Academic institutions can have their own specific formatting guidelines and criteria for paper styles and presentation that our writers are aware of and can incorporate for your academic papers. Although the papers created by the writers at Academic Writing Services use the standard formatting criteria but in specific cases where a student requests a certain style guideline and presentation format, our writers ensure that such requirements are met to deliver papers that enhance your academic performance.
Our competent academic writing experts and researchers are adept at creating content for a wide variety of academic papers that are applicable at different academic levels including college, undergraduate, masters and PHD levels. The strong academic knowledge and technical expertise of the writers at Academic Writing Services ensures that brilliant content is developed that caters to the diverse requirements of any academic level. You can order your PHD thesis with us and our writers will deliver to you the best academic paper that conforms to your specific requirements.
Our writers are trained to use the best process flows for creating high quality academic papers for students. Once a writing expert has been assigned to your academic paper, he or she will work in collaboration with you to guide you through the writing process and provide you with necessary guidance to help you understand your paper specifications. Timely updates on your paper will also be provided by the academic writer to enhance the customer experience and to give you an idea of how your assignment is being processed. We value customer focus therefore our writers ensure that students are part of the paper development part and are always aware of the progress of their assignments.
Our academic writers and researchers have sound technical expertise and academic writing abilities to create content that meets the requirements of different subject areas including scientific and social domains. The diverse professional experience and technical knowledge of the writers enables them to deliver papers that reflect extensive research and strong academic writing attributes related to specialized subject areas and to a diverse range of academic topics.
Our academic writing website has a support staff that is available 24/7 to assist you with your queries regarding academic assignments and rates for writing services. In case you need to discuss your academic paper requirements with a consultant to better understand your paper specifications, there is a free consultation feature offered by Academic Writing Services, that allows students to get professional help with their assignments and it's requirements by talking to our consultants who mentor them so that they can make better decisions regarding their paper and it's writing.
Our writers are experts at delivering urgent orders while providing content that projects high quality. Meeting timelines is an important aspect of academic assignments and we realize the significance of delivering papers on time. Our experienced writers can help deliver urgent orders so that you meet your assignment timeline and achieve high grades for your papers.